Pickup Locations

Failed deliveries because nobody is at home to accept the package are a frustration for many European consumers. They prefer delivery to a pickup location like a local shop, where they can pick-up their parcel at their own convenience. Pickup Locations are a service that customers clearly care about.

However, the European market of pickup locations is fragmented, with new providers and new technologies constantly entering the market, making it almost impossible for online retailers to monitor these trends themselves. We provide access to a single interface for pickup locations throughout Europe under the CollectYourParcel brand, providing a flexible, cost-effective delivery solution and freeing retailers to focus on sales.

The CollectYourParcel service offers access to nearly all available pickup locations in the European Union via a single software interface. Additionally, the retailer neither has to negotiate terms and conditions with individual suppliers, nor does he have to worry about labelling, transportation and track and trace services. CollectYourParcel takes care of it all.